Beautifully Floral Tattoos Reveal their Meaning

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Tattoos are the most intimate and personal way to express yourself through art. Having a piece of art forever inked on your skin is a very meaningful decision to make, and finding a tattoo that will hold a special meaning to you is very important. This is where flowers, both beautiful, decorative but also very meaningful, can offer a lovely solution.

Floriography studies the symbolic meaning of flowers. People have throughout history used flowers to convey messages, communicate secrets and share meaning., a website that’s all about tattoos, created a list of flower tattoos, their meanings and some amazing examples. We bring you inspiring designs, from tiny to large pieces, all about flowers.

Rose Tattoos

Delicate, overlapping petals offer a great inspiration to tattoo artists, and are probably the most tattooed flower out there. Depending on the color, roses symbolize different things. While yellow roses represent protection, deep red roses often denote romantic passion.

Daisy Tattoos

Delicate, small and simple, daisies symbolize innocence, joy, loyalty and purity.

Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflowers represent new beginnings, joy, happiness and longevity.

Tulip Tattoos

Tulips stand for beauty, humility, and opportunity, while red tulips represent love.

Lavender Tattoos

Lavender, with it’s dainty flowers and a recognizable color, reflect silence, grace and devotion.

Poppy Tattoos

Poppy flowers represent prosperity, beauty and honor, but also peace and sleep .

Magnolia Flower

This flower is seen by the Chinese as a symbol of womanly beauty, in South America they represent a bride’s purity and nobility.

Lily Tattoos

This beautiful flower symbolizes humility and devotion.

Lotus Tattoos

The spirituality of the lotus flower is well known throughout history. Lotuses are symbols of enlightenment, rebirth, and spiritual purification.

For more flowers, their meaning and endless tattoo inspiration, please visit

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