Pixie Haircut for Women over 40 – Styles and Inspiration

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Are you a woman in your 40’s or older considering a short cut for this season? Pixie Cut is a eternal classic, always trendy and feminine. With bangs, highlights, any color imaginable, nothing is too out there or too conservative when it comes to this short hair cut perfectly suitable for women in their 40’s.

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Most women in their 40’s that gave this cut a try will say that it makes them feel younger, more playful, likable, and maybe most importantly – sexy! Other people will say that a pixie cut, especially on a mature woman, makes them look confident and brave.

Although it looks like a very low maintenance haircut, you will need to visit your hair stylist a bit more often. On the other hand, those visits will be shorter, with just a little bit of trimming. To maintain a pixie hair cut, you’ll probably need to visit the saloon every 5-6 weeks. If you find a really good and trustworthy barber to maintain your new hair cut, you will pay significantly less.

Source: Instagram @daniel.hairstylist

Will Pixie Cut Work With My Face Shape

Most pixie styles will look great on women with heart-shaped, oval or square faces. Women with round faces should go for the asymmetrical pixie – the angled structure of the pixie cut will provide structure, frame and visually soften the roundness of the face.

Source: Instagram @zizien_oliva

Is Pixie a Good Choice for Fine Hair?

In your 40’s, your hair is probably a bit finer than it used to be. Pixie cut is great for thin hair, and it’s very simple to add volume to it with just a little bit of hair product.


Source: Instagram @capellistyle.it

A pixie cut will make you look business-like and definitely more elegant. Jump in that little black dress, and this timeless cut will make you’ll look like a Hollywood star.

Source: Instagram @bahar_dilara1103


Source: Instagram @giorgos_kardaras

Will the Pixie age me?

Some worry that cutting their hair very short will make them look older. Might be true for some types, but the best thing about short hair is that it grows back very quickly. A short pixie will give you a refreshed look that you can easily maintain. Just imagine all the time you’ll save getting ready in the morning. Get a pixie cut and hit that snooze button! More beauty sleep will definitely help keep those youngish looks!

Source: Instagram @topchik.moscow


Source: Instagram @cecilyshairstudio

Pixie Cut with Bangs

An absolute classic, very versatile and practical, but also sexy and seductive.

Source: Instagram @olgavaps


Source: Instagram @thenattynatnat

Focus on Your Face

With the hair now being short, it’s no longer the center of attention. Play around with your make up to accentuate your facial features. With this haircut your eyes will really pop!

Source: Instagram @organicssalon


Source: Instagram @stil_lage

You can style your pixie cut in multiple ways. You will only need a small amount of hair product to accomplish a major transformation. You’ll notice your hair care products, shampoos and conditioners will last you a lot longer.

Pixie gives you the opportunity to play more with colors. The hair will grow back really fast, so you can be brave with different colors. You also don’t have to worry as much about damaging the hair, but do try not to over – bleach it.

Source: Instagram @pinklipsandpugs

Not sure how short to go? Go easy, get a longer pixie, and if you feel like it, cut it even shorter the next time.

Source: Instagram @tomco_hair

What Pixie Cut Should I Get?

There are many different variations on the pixie cut. Long pixies, short and very short ones, with bangs, asymmetrical, with an undercut… Do get inspired by the examples in this article, but talk to your hairstylist to find the cut that will best suit you.

Source: Instagram @pinklipsandpugs

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